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user iconlarry abrahamProject StaffThe University of Texas at Austin
user iconMiguel AlanisProject StaffUTeach Engineering
user iconDavid AllenPI, Project ParticipantUniversity of Texas
user iconRuth AndersonProject Evaluator, Project ParticipantFacet Innovations
user iconJesica ArellanoProject Participant
user iconMusa BakiProject Participant, Project Guest
user iconMark BarronProject ParticipantEastside Memorial Green Tech
user iconJoceyln BengocheaProject Participant
user iconTom BentonUniverisity of Texas College of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
user iconLeema BerlandProject ResearcherThe University of Texas at Austin
user iconKristin BrudigamProject Participant
user iconLarry BujandaProject Participant
user iconMichelle BurdProject EvaluatorBurd's Eye View, Research and Evaluation
user iconSuzanne BurkeProject GuestThe Austin Independent School District
user iconTifni CadenaProject Participant
user iconGabriel CaireProject Participant
user iconChris CampbellProject ParticipantSimsboro High School
user iconRichard CrawfordCo-PI, Advisory Board Member, Project ParticipantUniversity of Texas at Austin
user iconken dillerThe University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering
user iconTheresa DobbsProject StaffUTeachEngineering
user iconDolores EchevarriaProject Participant
user iconGretchen EdelmonProject Professional DeveloperUTeachEngineering
user iconIheke EmelikeProject Participant
user iconMichael EvansProject Participant, Project GuestAustin isd